About Us

To enrich and sustain the human environment.

We're a dedicated team of architects, engineers, designers, and technologists passionate about building for our future.
Our Roots

Aetypic, a certified San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE), is an integrative design practice in architecture and engineering for the built environment. Our vision is to enrich and sustain the human environment. Named after a derivation of the Latin term, atypical, Aetypic is a dynamic and progressive practice driven toward innovation through creative and interdisciplinary design solutions.

Our roots date back to the 1980’s as AGS, Inc., and Aetypic was established in 2011 to place emphasis on integrated design. This venture began to take form as key individuals of Fisher-Friedman Associates (FFA) senior leadership joined Aetypic sharing in the vision. Under the leadership of Dennis Wong, our process strikes a fine balance between progressive thinking and traditional values.


To enhance our experience with our environment with quality, sustainable design solutions.

Core Values

Open & honest communication

Deliver what we promise

Driven to continually improve

Looking Ahead

What makes us different?

Our Approach

We believe we work smarter and faster when architects and engineers coexist under the same roof. We take an interdisciplinary approach to design, bringing together the best of both worlds. Together we deliver practical and reliable design solutions.

Our Values

We live and breathe our core values. It enables us to hold each other accountable in our day-to-day while navigating toward our North Star. We believe in continuous improvement both for individuals and as a team. We optimize for what works, and keep tinkering and innovating for a brighter future.

Our Culture

We are passionate about our mission and profession. We also believe it is important to have fun, maintain work-life balance, and enjoy our work and our coworkers. Our team is our greatest asset.

Let's work together.

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