Project Profile

Building 322 Feasibility Study, Naval Base San Diego

San Diego, CA
Project Cost
Project Size
60,000 SF

MEP – YEI Engineers
Cost Estimator – OCMI

Aetypic has provided as-needed services to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command for more than fifty projects in the past five years. Of all these projects, one of our greatest challenges has been designing the conversion of a large military warehouse facility into a modern Warfare Fleet Support Center.

We were charged with creating a lively and sustainable design for accommodating 900 military personnel in an open workstation configuration on one open floor. Moreover, the design had to accommodate a three-phase construction scenario. We were able to draw on our past experience designing offices for major San Francisco Bay Area hightech firms, where large numbers of computer-oriented employees are set to work in vast open-areas. We utilized creative ceiling and lighting schemes, diverse colors and fabric schemes, carpets and furniture finishes which, to the surprise and delight of the client, successfully brought the tech aesthetic into the military milieu.

Aetypic provided architectural services to determine the feasibility of converting the first and second floor of Building 322 from a warehouse facility into an open office tenant space to house administrative and maintenance/storage functions for a consolidated Warfare Center Fleet Support Center. Currently, eight NAVSEA Warfare Centers are scattered across multiple facilities at Naval Base San Diego as well as in leased facilities. Additional space is required to accommodate the growing mission requirements as the existing facilities are undersized for the programs being supported by the Warfare Centers. Services include space programming for 60,000 square feet of open office planning to accommodate 900 employees, architectural design, building system design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineering. It is anticipated that construction will be completed in three phases.

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