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Aetypic has an on-going, multi-year prime as-needed contract with the City of Mountain View. This contract covers Architectural and Engineering services for deferred maintenance projects on city-owned facilities throughout the City of Mountain View. The four projects shown below are among many projects completed or currently in progress and are representative of the kind of work performed under the contract.

Shoreline Lake Boathouse Flatwork Repair

Aetypic provided architectural and civil services for the repair of the concrete flatwork at the Shoreline Lake Boathouse. The team was tasked with providing solutions to multiple accessibility issues on the site. It was key to perform a survey of the existing conditions in front of the Boathouse from the dock to the north all the way to the rock steps and path to the South in order to properly assess the accessibility deficiencies. A significant issue was to remove all in-laid metal strips from the entire site and grout the seams. This included indicating areas for the repair of existing concrete flatwork throughout the site. The concrete sidewalk and curb along the parking lot frontage will be repaired to meet code required slopes. Due to the modification of the curb and sidewalks, modifications to the four existing ADA parking stalls and associated ADA ramps were required.

City Hall & Center for the Performing Arts Roofing Repair

Aetypic was retained to provide architectural services for the repair of the roof of the City Hall and Center for the Performing Arts buildings. The team reviewed original design documents and performed field verification in order to produce a comprehensive conditions summary and design recommendations. As part of the investigation, Aetypic interviewed building personnel about ongoing leakage issues. The goal was to provide industry standard and manufacturer specific details for use in developing project-specific details. In addition to repair of the roofing underlayment, the project scope of work included repair of all associated battens, flashing, gutters, conductor heads. The project also included repair of damaged and worn exterior wall joint sealant. Due to the highly visible and iconic nature of the building complex within the community, every effort was taken to maintain the original character of the building.

City Hall Locker Room Renovation

Aetypic was retained to provide architectural services for the renovation of the locker rooms of City Hall. The team was tasked with providing solutions to a history of water intrusion issues which caused extensive issues with wall and tile damage. The project completely rebuilt all of the shower walls to include a concrete curb at the base and installed all new floor, wall, and countertop finishes providing an updated clean and modern aesthetic. The shower areas were reconfigured to comply with current ADA requirements and a new lactation room was added to the adjacent lunch room to assist with bringing the building in line with current state and local regulations.

City Hall & Center for the Performing Arts Stair Upgrades

Aetypic provided architectural services for the voluntary upgrade of the rotunda stair hand railings in the Center for the Performing Arts. The team was tasked with providing solutions to an accessibility issue with the rotunda stair railings where the existing hand railings did not continue through the stair landing all the way to the floor. This condition had caused multiple issues for the City over the years and finding a voluntary solution to the accessibility issues was imperative to the continued operation of the highly visible, centrally located and uniquely shaped monumental stair landing. The project provided new hand rails to assist with bringing the rotunda stair landing more in line with accessibility requirements.

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