Project Profile

Freelon Office

San Francisco, CA
Project Cost
$1 Million
Project Size
10,000 SF

Our primary objective in designing our office renovation was to create an environment that cultivates an interactive exchange of ideas among multiple disciplines and professions. These values clearly reflect our culture and foster a sense of openness among our clients, consultants, as well as ourselves. We are first and foremost a design firm offering an interdisciplinary approach to the process of design and construction of building projects with an emphasis on high-end results for all sizes of endeavors. Our intention is for our space to be a projection of our work style.

We used simple materials including raw steel and wood, exposed concrete, exposed pre-existing structure, and glass to accomplish our goals of an informal interactive space. In lieu of over accessorized or superficial devices that often detract from a design, we sought out rawness and simplicity inspired by eastern philosophies such as Wabi Sabi and Feng Shui. Material and visual interest is further enhanced by playing with the geometry of the forms. A simple twist here and there creates a multitude of visual perspectives.

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